Author of Reintroduction 
'Excruciatingly relevant, Reintroduction is at once the past, present and future brought together in the stuff of man's darkest thoughts and most selfish of intents. Yet as lonesome mankind and machines seek each other out in the world above and the world below, trying to control who and what they are becoming, there are moments of tenderness that surprise and remind: Each of us need the company of another soul when all about us is disintegrating...' 


Author of the GET IN TOUCH series 
‘I have found that succinct information that gets to the roots of what we seek to learn is highly effective in a world overlaoded with information. Therefore, the GET IN TOUCH series of books has been designed to be short and to the point. Included in the series are GET IN TOUCH: With your slimmer self; GET IN TOUCH: With your inner wealth; GET IN TOUCH: With your better mental health, amongst others.  


Author of Reset: Finding a new course after drifting apart 
Recover: Rebuilding trust after the shock of betrayal 
‘It is my belief that one of the greatest gifts anyone can have is a loving, fufilling and sustainable realtionship with another person. But how do we get that when things have gone bad, or are lifeless, or when the betrayal of infidelity has caused deep hurt? Built upon many years as a relationship coach (and decades of making every mistake imaginable in my own relationships), these books are written as parables, with characters we can all - unfortunately! - relate to, and seek to guide couples back to each other, back to that greatest gift we all need and deserve.'  


Author of Toto and Coco 
‘Toto Koopman. Beautiful, mixed-race, bisexual Vogue cover girl in 1930's Paris.  
Coco Chanel. Brilliant couturier and parumier, and rich beyond dreams. 
World War II. One chooses to relinquish everything to become a British spy; the other becomes a Nazi agent. 
An extraordinary true story involving Lord Beaverbrook, Winston Churchill, and the very best and the very worst of what the human spirit is capable of when taken to the edge of its endurance.' 
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