A. It’s entirely up to you. Perhaps get a couple of people to read your manuscript – and not just mates who are going to tell you it’s ‘great’! – and really listen to their feedback. If they think there are weak links in the book, chances are there are. Alternatively, get in touch and we can have a look at a couple of chapters and give you some honest, free feedback. 
A. Your book is automatically yours because you wrote it. It’s saved on your computer, or scribbled in notebooks, and does not need an official copyright. When your book is published it is also automatically copyrighted to you as its author. However, if your book is showcasing a specific methodology or model, then this may well need to be copyrighted or trademarked. Recent copyrighted models we have worked on are the Transform8© model of transformative facilitation, and The Relationship Paradigm™. 
A. An ISBN is a 13-digit code which identifies your book for publishers, booksellers, libraries and internet retailers for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control. Your ISBN identifies you as the registrant (author), as well as the specific title and edition of your book. You can obtain an ISBN from Nielsen's (or a bundle if you plan to write again), the UK’s most well-known provider. Call if you’re not sure and we’ll talk you through it, or alternatively we can purchase your number(s) for you. 
A. We agree! Thankfully, we have a brilliant guy who does! Get in touch and he’ll talk you through it. 
A. If you have time to update it and keep it fresh, then definitely yes. You can create an author page using Amazon Author Central, and it can make a big difference to your book sales as it proves your legitimacy as an author. You will also have access to functions and capabilities on Amazon that will help convert readers into fans. 
We are the process of setting up our own Author Page facility, which you can link directly to your Amazon page. You’ll be able to post teasers of your latest book, share early plots and ideas for new books for feedback, and generally increase your online author presence. The Amazon link with us means readers are simply one click away from purchasing your book! 
A. Yep, it's free. All you need to do is create a publishing account with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and upload your book. Once you’re published, you can check your account any time. 
A. It makes us sad when that happens, and we’re sorry. Have a look at our testimonials, and if you’re even halfway convinced you’re in safe hands with us then give us a call. 
A. We have one. Have a look at some examples of Alice's work on the Creative bit on the What We All Do page. She’s hugely creative, but listens, which is really important. We also have a fantastic typesetter, Clint MacDonald, who can design the interior of your book. 
A. In short, a proofreader checks and corrects punctuation, spelling, grammar and typos. An editor does the same with the added skill of checking characters and plot for consistency, and looking out for overly long passages, or chapters where the author has gone off piste a bit along the way. A highly skilled editor uses their specific knowledge of the context and intent of language to do all of the above to create a super-sharp, highly polished and professional manuscript. Have a look at our Editorial page for more info. 
A. Because, with all the best intentions, we miss stuff when we’re reading our own work. Why? Because the brain reads what it thinks is there, not what is actually there. Plus, a computer’s spell-checker makes mistakes, and has no capacity to understand colloquialisms, interesting phrasing, slang, or anything else outside of its very basic programming. 
A. We’re so sorry you had a bad experience. No room for rudeness here. Please give us call if you have any doubts about working with a new editor, and we can chat about what your expectations and needs are, and how we can meet them. 
A. Fantastic that you have a great idea! We could draft a writing plan if you think that might help? Lots of authors do. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can get you started on that great idea. 
A. KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing, is a platform for authors to self-publish eBooks and Print-on-Demand books on Amazon. For eBooks, authors can directly upload their book file and it will appear in the Kindle store as an eBook for readers to purchase and instantly download. KDP will also print your book on demand in paperback form, and any associated production and delivery costs are deducted from your royalties. You can order proof copies or author copies (wholesale) using KDP. 
A. KD Publishing pays royalties every month, approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which your book was listed, by bank transfer or cheque, providing you have met the minimum amount payable. Amazon pays a royalty split of up to 70% of the retail price of your book minus printing or delivery costs. 
A. No, they don’t. Your book is absolutely yours. 
A. The best way is to give us a call and tell us about your book. Then, if you’re happy you’re in safe hands, send us a few pages, or a couple of chapters (absolutely your choice) and we can take a look. We can provide you with a short free sample edit, if that would work for you, and we can talk again. 
A. A good editor has the best interests of your book at heart, and you as its author. He/she will take a really good look at your manuscript, talk to you about all the really great bits, and work hard to polish all the not-so-great bits until you have a book you can be rightfully proud of. And a good editor will communicate with you throughout the edit, so you are fully in the loop. We do all of that, and are extremely proud of the results. 
A. As useful as a computer’s spell-checker is, it makes mistakes, as do other programs. This is because a computer has no capacity to understand colloquialisms, interesting phrasing, slang, or anything else outside of its basic programming. A professional proofreader takes all of this into account and is able to work with an author’s unique voice rather than try to put it in a generic spell-checker box. 
A. It’s never an editor’s job to completely change a book. Our aim is to make your unique voice stronger and clearer but very much preserve the integrity of your writing style. 
Your question not listed? Give us a call: 07754 778910 
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