‘Extremely competent visual designer. Efficient, professional…and communication exceeded my expectation.’ 
As a graphic designer I understand the importance of creating a stunning visual impact in the nano seconds you have someone's attention. The smallest of details - right down to the placement of a full stop - can make all the difference to that vital first impression people have of your product, service or book. From your initial concept to the final product, whether your book cover, internal graphics, a new logo or website, I will work hard to bring your ideas to life. 
Alice Kennedy 


Much like the home page of your website, your book cover is the first thing your potential readers see and has seconds to make an impression. Slick fonts and sharp graphics can showcase your business model; an evocative image will stir emotions; colour will trigger subliminal reactions…all these aspects are vitally important in book cover design. If you have the beginning of an idea, or have no idea at all, I can create a stunning cover that is the first step to your book being noticed. 


Infographics are often an essential part of a book, showcasing your business model or creating a visual interpretation that really drives a point home. I can adapt and sharpen existing graphics, or create graphics from scratch. 


Lots of people are using video to promote their business models, products and services. The same could be applied to your book by creating a short video-blurb – without giving too much away! – that generates interest and intrigue. Video can also be used to create short author bios that give readers an insight into the author behind the title, the inspiration for the writing, and to talk about current and new books. These can be included in your author page and/or website, and are a way of keeping existing and potential readers interested in your work. 


Photos can add magic and depth to your book, but can often be too faded or damaged to use without some work to clean them up. They can also make beautiful book covers, particularly for biographies and autobiographies. I can work on a scanned version of a photo and create a much cleaner, sharper and high-resolution version for digital or print copies of your book. And you have a polished photo to print and put in a frame. 
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