Author of Reintroduction, Conversion and  
Reparation, COMING SPRING 2024 
'“I’ve done a terrible thing,” Corrigan replied. 
“You are human and as such you have a propensity for doing awful things."' 
Excruciatingly relevant, Reintroduction is at once the past, present and future brought together in the stuff of man's darkest thoughts and most selfish of intents. Yet as lonesome mankind and machines seek each other out in the world above and the world below, trying to control who and what they are becoming, there are moments of tenderness that surprise and remind: Each of us need the company of another soul when all about us is disintegrating... 


Author of Your Holistic Health and Healing: A guide for modern life, COMING SPRING 2024 
'Good health and healing are not complicated, 
but have been made to feel complicated. 
This book will show you why they’re the simplest thing on Earth.' 
After several deaths in the family from cancer, I started creating herbal extracts and giving them away to friends who were sick. When they started to get well, my decision was made: I would dedicate my life to the study of our natural world of health and healing.  
This book is dedicated to family and friends who are no longer here, and who became the catalyst for my work. 


Author of The Girl Who Turned Invisible Book 1, The Girl Who Turned Invisible Book 2: Faces in the Mirror, The Girl Who Turned Invisible Book 3: The Only Ones, COMING SPRING 2024 
Aurora doesn't know the answer to that, or why she can turn invisible, she just knows there is some kind of reason, or purpose, to her invisibility. When she comes face to face with that reason, she has two choices: deny her powers and live a normal life; or step inside a dark, confusing world where she will have to be braver than she ever thought possible... 


Author of Toto and Coco 
Toto Koopman. Beautiful, mixed-race, bisexual Vogue cover girl in 1930's Paris.  
Coco Chanel. Brilliant couturier and parfumier, and rich beyond dreams. 
World War II. One chooses to relinquish everything to become a British spy; the other becomes a Nazi agent. 
An extraordinary true story involving Lord Beaverbrook, Winston Churchill, and the very best and the very worst of what the human spirit is capable of when taken to the edge of its endurance. 


Author of the brilliant GET IN TOUCH series  
‘I have found that succinct information that gets to the roots of what we seek to learn is highly effective in a world overlaoded with information.' 
The GET IN TOUCH series of books has been designed to be short and to the point. Included in the series are GET IN TOUCH: With Your Slimmer Self: Your Inner Wealth; Your Better Mental Health; Your Inner Genius; Your Inner Quizmaster: Your Public Voice; Your Startup Building Business, and enjoy these bitesize, highly informative snapshots into your inner possibilites! 


Author of Reset: Finding a new course after drifting apart 
Recover: Rebuilding trust after the shock of betrayal 
‘It is my belief that one of the greatest gifts anyone can have is a loving, fufilling and sustainable realtionship with another person.' 
But how do we get that when things have gone bad, or are lifeless, or when the betrayal of infidelity has caused deep hurt? Built upon many years as a relationship coach (and decades of making every mistake imaginable in my own relationships), these books are written as parables, with characters we can all - unfortunately! - relate to, and seek to guide couples back to each other, back to that greatest gift we all need and deserve. 


Author of Whatever Happened to the Blue Bugatti? and Phantom of the Glen, and Silver Ghost COMING SRING 2024  
'No expense spared, old boy, you understand?' 
Johnny Dupris and his mechanic, Dave, reluctantly find themselves tangled up with wire cutters, retired MI6 folk, a sassy redhead called Helen, and rather a lot of pizza in Nigel's first romp involving a priceless Blue Bugatti... 
And, against their better judgement, chasing an RR Phantom 1 Limousine that has been reversed out of a train and driven off into the night whilst they're attempting to fish salmon in the Scottish Highlands! 
Both huge fun!  
And a third to come! 


Author of A Descent into Darkness, First Catch Your Rabbit, Winging it Blind, Chasing the Catheter (available soon on Amazon), and Who are Keeping the Blind in the Dark? COMING SPRING 2024 
'Fear of the unknown is primordial. When you lose your sight it becomes very real and immediate. You can feel it, you can taste it, you can hear it .' 
Simon is totally blind. Totally meaning 100%. With honesty and humour he reveals, no holds barred, what that is like. He works closely with Blind Veterans UK, regularly speaks on the subject of sight loss, and writes prolifically, including a cookbook! He is about to launch a training programme for those who care for the blind that will, he hopes, radically change the approach to their care. 
He shares his home with three dogs and a cat called Spitfire. 
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